Why World Voyager's Running Hydration Belt is the best in Canada!

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Equip yourself with the best hydration belt.

Having a hydration belt while training allows you to carry essentials and quench your thirst. Although some people think it is a little annoying and a little embarrassing, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Hydration running belts bow can be practical and innovative and for the first time ever -- even look good on you!!

As one of our Awesome Amazon customers said in a five star review:  

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, doesn't slip!

So, I was hesitant to buy one of these because 1) I think people who wear them look dorky and 2) I got a big booty that has lots of booty momentum and I thought for sure it wouldn't stay in place. But now that my runs are getting longer and the sun is getting hotter, I'm dying out there! So I figure, I might as well try it, because passing out face first into concrete due to dehydration sounds like a bad time. So it arrived today and I took it out for a test run AND IT WAS GREAT. It didn't bounce, jiggle or slip. It was comfortable, fit my iPhone 6, and wasn't too heavy. Also- I picked this one in the first place cause it looked slick compared to some others I've seen... so the dork factor isn't too bad. And hey, even Bateman had a utility belt. 

If you are not convinced look at the hundreds of 5 star reviews we have received on Amazon.

We also pay close attention to all of our poor reviews and are constantly improving, for example we:

1) Upgraded our bottles: We added leak prevention technology (more complicated than we thought) to prevent leaks. Everything is BPA free and dishwasher safe. We upgraded the quality to remove the plastic taste that is present if you do not wash thoroughly before first use (which we still recommend). 
2) Made it tighter for smaller waists and added a feature to stop the belt from loosening. 

Every few weeks we look at all of customer data to ensure our belt stays the best running hydration belt in Canada! 

What the World Voyager Runners Hydration Belt currently offers you

1. Comfort:

There is no more uncomfortable moment than being in the middle of a race and feeling your running belt fall off, has this happened to you? The World Voyager Runners Hydration Belt is designed to provide greater comfort and avoid slipping during the race.

Do not worry about the size of your waist! You will be able to adapt it perfectly to your waist size and, during the race, you won't have to waste time trying to adjust it again. Our secret is that the belt is designed to be worn low on the hips - this helps prevent bouncing! 

2. Security:

Many of us love to run at night, but the biggest concern is that cars and motorcycles cannot see us easily. That is why the best Canadian belt for runners is designed so that we can run at night. Its large zippers and super-reflective stripes provide visibility to help keep you seen. 

3. Multifunctionality:

One annoying thing is not having your water near of you when running, because you do not feel comfortable enough to take it. In addition, items such as mobile phones, energy gels, snacks, keys, credit cards, are very necessary for runs. Of course, this is not a problem anymore with our hydration belt:

Some features:

● Its water bottle pockets are certainly a rather important feature. It will allow us to always be hydrated and not depend on hydration stations.

● Energy Loops for Gels: We installed these recently so you can easily grab them during the run. 

● Race Bib holder: Easily attach and race bibs and make yourself known. 

If you're the type of person who wants to keep your smart phone during a sport event to listen to music or stay in touch, this new running belt has a fairly hidden compartment, approximately 7 inches within the main pocket. It also a headphone slot so you can listen to your favorite music.

Without a doubt the compartments of the best Canadian belt for runners are great. You can also keep other personal items such as keys away from your cell phone and music devices. You can be sure that what you have stored will not get wet, as the belt material is waterproof.

More and more people are taking part in the experience of running with the 2020 Hydration Belt as a very useful sport accessory. Its comfort and practicality are undoubtedly its great attraction. 

As a final recommendation, it is important that when we use the World Voyager Runners Hydration Belt for the first time, we do so during training and not during the race, so that you can adapt and not hinder your performance during the race.

This and much more makes the World Voyager Runners Hydration Belt the best hydration belt for athletes or casual runners like you.


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