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Running is many things. For some, running is a way to keep fit or even lose weight. But if you’re like me, running is a lifestyle through which you like to grow and improve. And when it comes to having fun, we all know that you need the right equipment, nutrition and hydration to enjoy a safe and comfortable run.

For this reason, picking the right hydration running belt should be a top priority for any runner. You just can’t run without proper nutrition and hydration, and this is especially true over long distances. After all, where else might you put those energy bars and mobile phone, not to mention your all-important water bottles?

In this article, we take a close look at the importance of a hydration running belt and some of the best running belts that you might want to consider for your next outing.

What to Keep in Mind When Picking a Hydration Running Belt

A running belt is the most crucial piece of running equipment for dexterity. In other words, you need your hands to be free while running, especially over long distances.

But when it comes to choosing the best hydration running belt for you, it’s not just about looking at what the celebrity runners are using. Instead, you need to consider your budget and the stand-out features of a belt that will make your run more comfortable.

For instance, the pockets are vastly different from one running belt to the next. Some belts have rather small pockets that cannot hold everything you might need on a long distance run. Meanwhile, not every running belt is equipped with anti-chafing capabilities, and the last thing you want is a belt that causes discomfort. In fact, breathable fibers, adjustable straps and sizing are just a few more considerations. Our two bottle belt is great to carry the essentials. 

Does the belt have reflective tags? If you want to run in the evenings, you need to know that vehicles can spot you. At dusk or dawn, low visibility is also common and road runners in particular cannot afford to ignore the obvious dangers associated with traffic.

The Different Types of Running Belts

Hydration running belts come in many shapes and sizes. Some reliable running belts have reflective tags and generous pockets, and breathable fibers that prevent chafing.

Some running belts are better suited to marathons and come with a specific design that  allows for more storage. There are also hydration running belts which are more suitable for casual use and have just enough room to hold your house keys and mobile phone.

For most runners, choosing between a single bottle belt and a double bottle is often the main decision that needs to be made. Single bottle belts are better for longer distances as they allow you to carry more water, snacks and maybe your mobile phone. On the other hand, double bottle belts are lighter but carry much less water, nutrition etc.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best hydration running belts to consider:

The Best Hydration Running Belts to Consider

Picking the best hydration running belt is a personal choice but also one that requires a little bit of common sense. That is to say, you need to think about what really matters on a run and the features or benefits that might help you enjoy a more comfortable run. 

For example, Athle created a running belt with an all-waist band, reflective tags and a nice mobile phone pocket. However, the horizontal water bottle pouch is likely to feel somewhat cumbersome and maybe even precarious for most runners. The PYFK running belt also has a nice secure zippered-pouch and two 9oz water bottles which makes this an ideal option for casual runners who take short runs in the neighborhood.

But what about runners that like to mix things up and hit the trails or take longer runs from time to time? The truth is, a single bottle belt is ideal for short and long runs. What’s more, single bottle belts are not much heavier and you only need to carry fewer items or water in order to reduce weight. It’s often essential to carry energy gels and nutritional snacks, and having some extra storage is invaluable in such cases.

World Voyager’s Premium Hydration Belt is the perfect example. It’s a quality running belt with soft waterproof fabric and rubber epoxy to prevent slip on both sides. You can store a smartphone securely within the belt but also gels, creams, nutritional items or maybe race tags on occasion. As if that’s not enough, this no bounce hydration running belt has a sealed insert through which the user can connect headphones to their smartphone. It should also be said that World Voyager has a double bottle belt and that option is certainly better suited to the likes of serious marathons or ultra runners. However, for everyone else and even keen hikers, the Premium Hydration Belt by World Voyager is everything you could need in a running belt, and a little more!.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a hydration running belt is the key to a safe and comfortable run. It has everything you could need to hold water, nutrition and other items, while giving you some added visibility in terms of the reflective tags. While double bottle belts are sometimes better for competitive runs, a single bottle belt is more suitable for casual use and the occasional long distance run. Either way, the World Voyager running belt will serve you right and at least add to the enjoyment of your runs in the process.

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