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This world is a beautiful place and we want everyone to enjoy it, because we believe that 'life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all'.

Join all the voyages across this beautiful world. Follow our social networks @WorldVoyagerCo on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #WorldVoyager so we can see your adventures. We will re-share your awesome pictures! :)

We don't want you to live vicariously, and our hope is to help you kick-start your very own travels! Whether you're a travel veteran, rookie or never traveled before We Are Here To Help Make Your Travels As EPIC As Possible!

We started World Voyager to help get you where you want to go. We want to inspire you to travel, and ensure you have the right gear so you can best enjoy wherever you're going. We know the right gear can make or break a trip, and it isn't always easy to find quality gear that's affordable and suits your travel needs. We wanted to solve that problem, and so World Voyager was born!

We believe the best travel gear has to be ALL of the following

  • Quality Gear! There is nothing worse than an important travel accessory breaking when you need it the most. When that happens both your trip and budget (if you need to buy a replacement) can suffer. That's why World Voyager offers premium travel, fitness and backpacking gear that has the durability to last the world-over. We want our gear to see as much of the world with you as possible. 
  • Affordable! Travelling is expensive and many people (including ourselves) can't always afford to travel the world as much as we would like. Add travel equipment into the equation and the costs can be intense. Enter World Voyager! We strive to provide quality travel gear at an affordable price. We have great suppliers, no brick and mortar locations, and a small and efficient team to help maximize the quality of gear we can provide, whilst minimizing the cost. 
  • Small & Light! You need great travel gear for any world voyage, but lugging gear around that is unnecessarily bulky or heavy is only going to make your back sore or limit your luggage space. That is why we always look for light and compact travel gear that you can easily take anywhere in the world.
  • Multi-Use! It is always a tough decision deciding what gear you will need for your adventure. There was a time not too long ago that we used to pack a flashlight, a portable hard drive and a power bank for our trips, but we have now developed all three in to one compact device. We're focused on delivering backpacking gear with multiple uses so as to reduce the amount of equipment you have to carry, yet still offering all the features you need.
  • Features Galore! Our travel equipment is not only multi-use, they are also loaded with customizations that make them more useful for you. For instance, we know the urban traveler needs a tablet or laptop and so have built-in a specially padded sleeve into our pack-able backpack. As avid travelers ourselves, we have tried a lot of products and we got tired of having stuff that was "good, but could be better".
  • Beautiful! We like products that work well and look good. All of our products are thoughtfully designed with the traveler and our beautiful world in-mind.
At World Voyager, we pride ourselves in making sure all of our products live up to the list above, because we know travel gear has to be good in order for your travels to be as EPIC as possible! 
Bon Voyage!


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  • Good read! I love your bag selection

    John Haung on

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